¾ length knickers with chamois for that extra warmth and protection when it is needed.

Available in the same high quality lycra as our shorts or in Super Roubaix for those cooler days.

When getting those long miles in the saddle a comfortable pair of shorts is essential, our ¾ knickers offer the user the highest level of comfort, our lycra is very high quality and the chamois pads we use are some of the most comfortable out there, they are available with male, female or children specific pads.

Our Knickers can be supplied with or without bibs in the same range of designs as our shorts.

The non-printed portion of the knickers are available in a large range of standard lycra colors.

You can also get the them fully printed in what ever design you require.

Silicone leg grippers are used as standard and the shorts feature soft and strong bibs for comfort and fit.
Comfortable and durable, our shorts make long hours in the saddle a pleasurable experience.
Please enquire if you are interested in shorts with a womans specific bib.